MEED 2020 Report: Riad Bsaibes on DuPod’s off-site effectiveness


December 5, 2020

MEED 2020 Report: Riad Bsaibes on DuPod’s off-site effectiveness

In the latest Middle East Economic Digest report, The Future of Project Delivery, Riad Bsaibes, President and CEO of AMANA Investments talked about efficiencies enabled by DuPod and DuBox, sister companies from the AMANA Modular division.

“Modular methodologies are gaining higher traction from developers, architects, and contractors across the region as this innovation can cut project costs and durations, thus boosting profitability in a volatile market without compromising quality,” said Mr. Bsaibes.

As a perfect study case, he talked about Qiddiya Project in Riyadh, delivered a month ahead of schedule. This showcased that modular construction is one of the most fast-track building solutions. The speed was achieved by moving 85% of the construction to the factory-controlled environment, reducing the overall schedule by 30%.
In the second case, The Red Sea Project awarded by The Red Sea Development Company, modular construction solution and advantage wasn’t only the speed, but sustainability as well, protecting the delicate Arabian Red Sea coast habitat and reducing the material waste by 30%.

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